How can I gauge a dog's cold weather tolerance?

topic posted Sun, January 15, 2006 - 9:57 PM by  Minoan212
After years of waiting, it looks like I will finally become a dog owner next month. I would appreciate any advice regarding how to gauge a dog’s tolerance for cold weather. In the past two days, I have seen quite a few dogs wearing coats. I don’t dress nearly as well :) It has been in the upper twenties/low thirties here in NY.

I understand that some breeds, like Greyhounds, may need to wear a coat in cold weather, but I was surprised to see a Labrador, a Golden Retriever, and a German Shepherd each wearing one. I always thought that those dogs handled cold weather fairly well. Any suggestions pertaining to a Rhodesian Ridgeback would be great!

Thanks for your help.
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    Sun, January 15, 2006 - 10:37 PM
    i'd guess the ridgeback would appreciate a coat.think of rhodesia situated
    far south.also most all of your new doggy's hair is very short,like a greyhounds.i have seen some rather handsome non-silly looking coats out
    there that resemble a horse blanket.
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    Mon, January 16, 2006 - 8:19 PM
    if you need to wear a coat in 25 degree weather, you dog will probably too. If he not a snow/cold weather dog ie: huskie, samoyed, malmute...
    I have two chow chows and I have noticed them curling up next to the space heater the last couple of weeks and its in the 40's here.
    If you are embarassed about your pup looking silly, then check out the look of humiliation in my dogs eyes, they are the Yoda and Darth vader chows in the photo album.
    Many stores like old navy, target and the gap have some cute clothes for your pup.

    Also dont forget one very important thing, if it is snowing where you are, the dog will either need some foot wear or you will need to soak his feet in a warm water bath when he gets back and apply some salve. The salt that is ued for the snow will eat away at the dogs pads.

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